MISCREATIONS Theatre produces original work using the unique comedy of the clown to explore the mysteries and horrors, fantasies and joys that come from being alive. Visual intrigues and expert performances are our aesthetic principles.

At the centre of Miscreations are two theatre professionals who met and trained at École Philippe Gaulier Paris, France. They have led fruitful careers on international stages as the clowns and monsters and hero’s and victims of innumerable productions. Miscreations is the concentration of their respective expertise as performers, story-tellers and warped-dreamers. We describe ourselves as a ferocious comedy beast that explores darkness and magic, horror and myth. Our professional experience ensures that our productions are well crafted, performed and accessible.


ENTRENCHED comes to the London Clown Festival
Entrenched is an absurd, multi-media comedy that rifles through the surreal nightmare of war. Written and performed by Aron De Casmaker, formerly of Cirque du Soleil, Entrenched blends live animation, physical-comedy, and ridiculousness to explore the horrifying, confusing and stupid side of war.

Saturday 18th of June • Eade Road, N4 1DH London, United Kingdom
Tickets available at londonclownfest.brownpapertickets.com