Past Performances

A clown show what digs into a war to end all wars
what never began ending wars.

ENTRENCHED is a one person clown show that takes place in a surreal nightmare of the First World War Trenches. Inspiration for the piece is taken from the original drawings of Major Guy Bradley, an artist who survived the horrors.

Guy Laing Bradley was a family man, homeowner and active member of the community of Hexham. He helped to bring electricity to the area and was on the board of numerous building planning organisations. He helped shape the very face of the community. He was also a Major of the Northumberland Fusiliers in the First World War and an astounding amateur artist who kept a comprehensive archive of his experience in the frontline trenches.

None of his family knew about these records because he never spoke about them and were seen by no one until well after his death. It was his granddaughter, Elizabeth Bradley, who recently discovered them and the wealth of humanity that lies within, depicting not just his struggles with the horrors of war, but also the humour, and strength from a generation of people who endured a gruesome experience and never spoke about it.

ENTRENCHED uses Major Bradley’s journals as source material to explore this silence and horror humour and confusion to produce a comedic exploration about our notions of what this war is now as it lies only in history. The clown is the universal figure of one who does not know, to have this figure experience the archive will help bring fresh perspective to a subject rife with stigma.


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Love and Red Tape

This fast paced comedy suitable for everyone who has been held under duress by the infuriating world of bureaucracy and security.

Have you had it up to your ears with government intrusion into your affairs? Been tangled in a web of red-tape so tight you can’t find your way out? Come purge your frustrations and fury with laughter in this absurd clown tale about Love and Bureaucracy.

Features two world renowned comedy performers original music, masks, puppets, projections and live video feed.

Created and performed by Aron De Casmaker of Cirque Du Soleil, and Rebecca Jameson of Théâtre Sans Frontières.


“I loved it! The script was very funny. Very original. I loved the use of film and sound. Also, the element of audience participation…would recommend it to everyone.”
-The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle

“The show is a wonderful thing, cleverly written and beautifully performed…I fully relate to all the “red-tape” and have experienced many frustrating bureaucratic nightmares myself.”
-Queens Hall, Hexham

“Loved the characters! Wonderful handle on modern management speak through expressive physical-comedy.”
-Audience member, Queens Hall, Hexham
"You did a great job of inviting the audience into your absurd and enjoyable world.”
-The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle